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a pilgrim (tambourinaire) and his muse (melody) are separated from one another when they attempt to enter a higher dimension together.

injured and cut off from the source of his inspiration and light the pilgrim restlessly wanders through mystical lands, seeking a way to reunite. 

the pilgrim has the magical ability to gather sounds from his experiences, the beautiful beings and holy places he visits, which he stores and carries with him in a container. (the sounds have a physical quality, like painterly energy)

he intuits his way to the mountains where he finds his muse transformed into a giant goddess, now trapped in the higher dimension. the only way he can connect to her is by releasing all of the captured sounds as a great melody, which softly envelops her ear and melts throughout her body, she is transformed back into the same plane and the two are reunited and healed


if we were to extend the story into a second video the muse (melody) will be our main character.

the muse, cut off from her pilgrim is trapped in a dimension of gods and otherworldly entities. this world is grand and luminescent but she wanders like a ghost in a trance, separated from the grounding of the pilgrim.

from this realm she can watch upon the pilgrim and manipulate subtle things in his world to help guide him back to her (here we can connect back to some scenes/situations in the previous clip)

with the help of an ally (i love the reference image of the moose) she is taken to a place that bridges the gap between dimensions, where she can project her image into the pilgrims world as a giant being.

if we were creating this story in two parts, we could end on a cliffhanger in the first clip when the pilgrim finds the giant muse goddess, and then we can finish in the second clip with the song awakening the muse and the two reuniting.


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the world in which the muse and the pilgrim exist is one of magic realism. in this land magic exists and other dimensions are leaking through. it is a place that is surreal and strange but enchanting. 

the higher dimension is a dream reality populated with abstract landscapes and mystical beings. gravity is affected in a distorted way and all sorts of odd objects intermingle. it is like a wild west of the imagination with gods and creatures from separate realms intermingling


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a traditional hand drawn animation technique will give the clip a feel that will connect it with the folk story era of disney and films like 'la planete sauvage'. (see bellow 'form of space' for hand drawn cell technique)

the backgrounds will be hand drawn and rendered on paper using traditional mediums. lavish detail and a painterly treatment will reinforce the desired aesthetic. (see above 'split V1.0' for watercolor backgrounds)